Tuesday, 10 May 2011

My Tree House...

The front of the house, I sewed pink mini gingham curtains and added a gold bell to the front.
My Tree house, with the bunting blowing in the wind!
Another front view of the house, I made the fence from lolly pop sticks - yum!
Climbing up...
This is the Tree House that I made for my GCSE Art exam. We had 10 hours over a period of 2 days to make our final design. We got given lots of questions, from Marin Life to Self Image. I however chose the Contrast question, and over several weeks we had to fill up a whole sketchbook on research of artists, techniques, designs and loadsssss more. I really enjoyed doing every minute of it, and was very sad to give in my book. 

The question that I choose was: 

You should make connections with appropriate selected sources when developing your personal response to one of the following suggestions.
·      You could consider contrasts between interiors and exteriors.
Contrast Definition
The state of being strikingly different from something else, typically something in juxtaposition or close association.

When I had decided on the question, I instantly thought ARCHITECTURE, especially as I have a great passion for beautifully constructed buildings. I thought maybe I could actually construct a two-storey house, with contrasting colours on the interior and exterior, but I thought that would would be far too difficult in the small time period that we had in the exam. So, I carried on thinking and as I have always wanted and loved tree houses, I came to the decision of making my very own miniature one. 

The Tree is made from an actual branch from my garden and covered in layers of mod roc, with a few more branches added here and there. I then painted on black acrylic to contrast with the pretty Pink house. The house was made out of foam board, which is a fantastic material, I recommend it! I decorated the interior and the exterior of the house. However, my camera isn't that good so I couldn't take any pictures of the inside :(

The contrast in my tree house is the old, dead, scary looking tree with the pretty, pink, whimsical cottage on top.   

I was really inspired by Cinderella Moments to make my Tree house, Caroline makes Beautiful miniature houses and thanks to this project I found her blog, please have a look at what she does, as you'll be blown away!

I will soon do a post on my art book pages, so don't forget to come back and have a look!
Do you feel inspired? 
“All things can be made beautiful!”

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  1. Yet again another beautiful peice of artwork, it's amazing flora and you are very talented. The tree house is very original, unique and so wonderfully decorated, I adore it. Very proud of you Flora- Congratulations! ♥


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