Friday, 8 February 2013

Water colour Challenge - Week 1

I have completed my first week of the February Watercolour Challenge!!!! If you are following me on instagram (@florafricker), then you would have already seen these, as i painted them day by day, but if not, here they all are! My week summed up in a painting...

You can also follow my new tumblr that i have created especially to post these >HERE<

I hope you like!

Friday, 1 February 2013

February Water Colour Challenge!

I love using water-colour, with out a doubt my favourite medium. And for christmas i got a set of 45 Cotman water colours. The colours are incredible, so bright and lovely! So, starting today (1st February) i am going to paint a little something everyday for the whole month of february! And hopefully, if this month goes well, i will paint a watercolour painting everyday for march, april may etc etc...

Above is my first painting, i will be posting each february painting on my instagram daily, and then every friday i will do a round up of my 7 paintings of that week... so follow me on instagram @florafricker !

If you want to join in to, then hashtag your photo on instagram with #februarywatercolourchallenge

Some great news to... The reason i haven't blogged in a while, is because i have been very busy with my portfolio and interviews, and i have had 2 interviews so far, Cardiff met and Bath spa universities, for graphic communication and i have conditional offers from both!!! So, happy! I have a few more interviews lined up as well, so wish me luck!

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