Monday, 29 August 2011

Summer Project: Postcards

I am feeling so nervous as I start college on Friday! I'm doing the Art and Design extended diploma which is just a fancy name for a BTEC, and is equivalent to 3 A levels. I had a summer project to do, which was to produce 5 postcards all saying "Hello" and somehow has to show my identity. Here is what I've come up with...
My first, is the Flora by Gucci perfume, which I have, and I've written on it "Flora says Hello". The Second is off a Diana F+ with Hello written in various different languages. As you can see with the third I've painted my floral spots then cut out hello using a craft knife then stuck them to each other. My fourth is of course a tea party, (tea and cake are a very big part of my life ;) ! The fifth I've drawn me (but my head turned out really big :/ ) and have written "Hello Hello Hello..." again and again. And my last is a watercolour silhouette.

I have to send one by Friday in the post, so which one is it going to be?? I have no idea, so please tell me which is your favourite and I'll post that one... my future is in your hands!


  1. I love your postcards!! They are all so cute and unique. My favourite is 'hello' pattern one. I'm starting an art foundation on monday too!! :/ I'm nervous.

  2. These are all so pretty but my absolute favourite is 6, it's amazing!
    Good luck with your Art Diploma.. one of my friends is doing it too!

    Carly x


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