Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Mountain of Colourful Cushions

Don't you just love this quirky armchair with the mountain of colourful cuchions on top?? Things like this makes me smile :) I think I'll have a look through the fabric cupboard and perhaps make my own!

image from huset

Do you feel inspired?


  1. Gorgeous......feeling so inspired and loving Pinterest ALOT!!! Thanks for all your help today...you are amazing! Love Sarah

  2. I'm really glad you like pinterest, its a fantastic site! If you have any more problems on your blog, I'm happy to solve them for you :) xxx

  3. Hey, how nice. You sew! :)
    I'd love to do it too, but right now I don't own a machine, and am to lazy to sew by hand. haha

    Thanks for coming to my blog.
    We'll share some nice ideas, for sure.


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