Saturday, 9 July 2011

Funny Cupcakes...

Owl Cupcakes
Cookie Monster Cupcakes
More Owl Cupcakes
Yesterday Georgia and I got a bit artistic in the kitchen, making Cookie monster cupcakes and Owl cupcakes! The cookie monster's are made my cutting out a mouth and spreading blue icing all over and then simply placing a cookie in his mouth, then adding white chocolate buttons and chocolate chips for eyes. For the owl cupcakes, we spread chocolate icing and cut Oreo biscuits in half adding chocolate chips for eyes. And for the noes we used orange jelly beans! We made a lot of mess, but they were soooooo yummy!!!

Do you like to make cupcakes?


  1. Oh wow, I love the cookie monster cakes - definitely going to attempt these :) new follower, hello!

  2. Aw! These are so cute. As a huge owl fan, those are my fave. ;) Good job, girl!

  3. Flora, they are sooo hilarious....looks like you had great fun! Love Sarah x


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