Monday, 25 July 2011

Short break to Cornwall

Alice and I in the Café
Barefoot Shop
Home made cakes and scones...Yum!
Harry slaving away in the kitchen
Pretty flowers that Alice and I picked
My very yummy lunch - Vegetarian Mezze board - cooked by Harry
Herewith a few pictures of my weekend away in Cornwall with my family. We went to visit my Brother Harry's new café (soon to be restaurant)  that he's setting up with my Aunty and Uncle down on the Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall, called Barefoot Café. Next to the Café they have a little shop selling everything you need for a Cornish lifestyle, from blankets and throws, teapots, aprons, jewellery, and hot chocolate sticks. Harry made us a mezze board of lots of different delicious foods, which we enjoyed very much!

Did you have a good weekend?

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  1. Yum the food looks good :D especially the brownie :D My weekend was good thanks!!! xx Love Emma :D

  2. The cafe and shop look so magazine shoot ready! And you and your sister and brother and cafe/shop are straight out of the magazine "Victoria". Do you know this magazine? It's here in the US and is filled with gorgeous romantic stuff. I'll just sneak an olive while your not looking!

  3. what a lovely place. and that vegetarian plate looks just perfect. right up my alley (:

  4. Sooo... it's 50 now ;)
    And thanks for following


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