Saturday, 20 August 2011

Little MiIly's Birthday

Today is a very special day as its Little Milly's 4th birthday! Milly is my sister Alice's best friends sister and a great little friend of mine too :) A few weeks ago Milly declared that she wanted me to paint her a picture of a cake, but not any old cake it HAD to consist of "lots of pink, and lots and lots of glitter with four candals... please" And this is what it ended as...

If you are interested in a painting please look at my etsy shop, or contact me directly at


  1. I love your cakes. This one is so sweet! I'm sure Millie is delighted with it!

  2. Dearest Flora, That was the most gorgeous present...we were completely overwhelmed! She is proud of it and has been showing everyone!! Thank you and love Sarah xx


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