Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Great Bear Rainforest

I don't think I've shown you these illustrations, but i did them quite a few months ago for a project at college. I did them in responce to an amazing video I watched on the Great Bear Rainforest, on the western coast of Canada. The films explores two surfers journey as they discover the forest and the environmental problems facing it.... you HAVE to watch the film, it really is breathtaking, and so inspiring! I really want to go to the great bear rainforest!! So, watch the video, and then you'll be able to appreciate my illustrations!

My brother Harry, is also going to Vancouver in 2 weeks, to do a 6 week work experience with the company that produced the film, Sitka. I hope he has an amazing time, which I'm sure he will! Oh I'd love to go with him.... maybe soon :)

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