Sunday, 9 December 2012

My latest project... Bath Paper Houses

So my latest project... we had 4 weeks, to do anything we wanted. A completely self-directed brief! So the best place to start for me is always with a brainstorm, and a trip to the library for inspiration! 

I had just come back from a day in bath, one of my favourite cities, and whenever I am there I always wonder to myself, "what would it be like to live in one of these Georgian buildings?" "What goes on inside?" "Who is it that lives there now, and back in history?" "And what do they look like inside?" 

I have always been fascinated with interiors and architecture, especially floor plans.... I have a weird love for them. But anyway, why not base my project on the houses of bath?! So I did.... and below is my final outcome of the 4 weeks. But before I came to it, I researched many artists, and researched into the history of Georgian architecture, and the architects that built the city of bath. I came to the idea of making little paper bath houses, illustrating both the exterior and interior. With each house, having their own personality, there own story. 

I want people to pick them up, and imagine their very own world, to stop and think for a minute. Each house also has a little bit of history written on the side too... I have currently produced 4 different houses, but I want to do more, each one is hand drawn in a very fine pen, then added watercolour on top, taking an average of 4 hours to create each one! 

My wish is to make them "real" by this I mean, make lots to sell, so people can have their own little bit of bath, to take away and treasure. But first I really want to know your thoughts! Would you buy one? Would you like to collect a whole city? Let me know what you think.... then I will put them on etsy, and see what happens!

I have so many ideas on how I could take this further too, I know for definite that the project wont stop here! I could make so many different cities and villages from around the UK... I could leave the houses empty for you to design your own interior; I could produce separate pieces of furniture for you to stick onto the walls... I could increase the scale... literally anything, the possibilities are endless. But what is so important to me, is to keep it hand drawn, and if it did become big, I really wouldn’t want it to be produced in a big scary factory... I like the idea of me in my bedroom, designing the houses, and re-printing them from my printer in my bedroom, and making all the packaging myself... a cottage industry! 

So yes, please tell me your thoughts!

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