Friday, 28 October 2011

Friday's Fancies #29

dress ~ shoes ~ bag ~ mask ~ lipstick
You've probably already guessed it, but this weeks Friday's fancies link up at long distance loving's blog is Halloween themed! 

I've gone for a classic Halloween outfit, short black dress with red accessories. Oh, and not forgetting a sparkly cat mask!


  1. Love it! :DD

  2. The cat mask puts the finishing touch on this costume!

  3. The cat mask is too cute! I'm seriously in love with those shoes! I think I need them!
    Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!

  4. trolling the stores last night with my friends... i definitely decided that i would like to be catwoman one year. need to start working on my fitness though!

  5. Love this! That cat mask is so pretty and fun!

  6. Flora! I'm LOVING this classic Halloween get-up...I have never really worn a mask, but the mask you featured is one I would love to sport ;) so happy to have you again for Friday's Fancies! Hope you have a fantastic week! xoxo {av}


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